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There are several different options for a sunset cruise along the upper river.
Those looking for a social cruise may prefer to go on the “Booze Cruise” – a great way to have fun and see the amazing sunset at the same time. Drinks, snacks & a BBQ are included.  This collects daily from Fawlty Towers between 3 and 4pm and must be booked by at lunchtime on the day of departure.

For those looking for a mellower cruise, the Lady Livingstone, or the African Queen might suit you better. These beautiful colonial style boats provide drinks and snacks with waiter service. Again collection is between 3 and 4pm and bookings do need to be made in advance. These are all luxury cruise options with excellent nibbles on board.

The most recent addition to the cruise options is The Lion King of the Victoria Falls serving high quality alcoholic beverages and delicious snacks, and a Full Moon Dinner Cruise on the African Queen / African Princess, serving a 3 course dinner.

Sunset Boat Cruise

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