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If you are looking for a ‘wow’ morning leisure activity on the Zambezi River, you can’t go wrong with a Tiger fishing excursion. Catching a Tiger Fish is one of the most exciting and challenging encounters for avid anglers; and Tiger fishing on the magnificent Zambezi in beautiful scenery is an unforgettable African experience.

Rated by many sports anglers as the finest freshwater fighting fish in the world, this powerful and swift predator is sure to give you a good run for your money. With over 75 species in the Zambezi, there is a good chance of experiencing that great snapshot moment before you release your catch back into the waters.

We use specially designed propeller-free safari boats that hug the river’s edge and islands to reach the best fishing spots on the Zambezi. The fishing starts at Kalai island about 9 km above the falls. We then move downstream between the islands, exploring the narrow channels, enjoying fishing, great birding and spotting river wildlife.

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